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Storage Solutions

To compliment the design and production of your desired space and office furniture, we have a complete range of storage solutions and waste management to fit your shiny and new office space.
These photos demonstrate some examples of our Diverse range of products for all your office needs. For these and other products in our range feel free to look through our online catalogue at
For any queries or questions about our range don’t hesitate to contact us on 01205 481441.
  •  Lockers
  •  COSHH Lockers
  •  Freewall Storage Systems
  •  Lockable Filing Cabinets
  •  Fire Proof Filing Cabinets
  •  Plastic Bin Storage
  •  Waste Management
  •  Archive Boxes
  •  Plastic Drawers
  •  Pigeon Holes

Our aim is to provide excellent value and service to all of our customers.

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